pinnns4kids: Spielend Ordnung schaffen

Toys cover the floor, chaos everywhere – with the pinnns children's room organizer system your little ones can easily tidy up - and they will like it! ;) And with lots of colors you make their room colorful!

our kids' room wall organizer comes in many colors:

Create order playfully and easily:

Storybooks, pens, balls, found sticks after an outdoor adventure, flashlights and much more are always to hand and within sight of your children.

Best of all, when tidying up, they enjoy putting in and rearranging the toys - they can even play with the pinnns themselves by twisting them them off the base plate and rearranging the colors as they please. :)

this is how our friends and family use the children's room wall organizer:

Cuddly toys, magnifying glass, handkerchiefs - everything in place.
pinnns in your kids' room
Sports bag, tennis racket, bow and arrow - always ready and off you go.
For narrow space
Easily attached anywhere.
For the roof slope
Unused space and corners filled with life.
pinnns for your books
Cleaning up makes much more fun.
pinnns for all kids
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Kids own lots of toys and love playful change. Grab several  pinnns in different colors so that your children can reach all treasures quickly and easily - you save up to 20% in a bundle!

Your children will love this kids' room wall organizer

Whoever blinks loses:

When children are playing and you're not looking, their entire hodgepodge is all over the whole apartment in a matter of seconds, as if by magic.

How unfair:

As parents, we like to give our children toys that they tear out of our hands with a smile to play with them – but we are often not allowed to play with them. So typical, these  mean rugrats. But of course, we are always allowed to clean up the mess ourselves because the little devils don't feel like it. Understandable.

Duty becomes play:

Children prefer to do chores when they don't see them as such. How does it work? They are given a playful component: the pinnns children's room organization system is fun because they can arrange their favorite toys in any way they like. And every time anew!

They can even twist off the colored pins themselves (more on this in the next section).

This is how the smart design makes our pinnns a child-friendly and practical eye-catcher:

Your little ones can easily twist each pinnn off its plate by hand and place it on another as they wish. If you order several children's room wall organizer, they can combine the colored pinnns wildly and create creative patterns depending on the arrangement of the base plates.

Design highlight: always suitable!

It doesn't matter whether it's a square or elongated base plate: If you want to rearrange single pinnns by different colors, their identical socket will fit into any of your existing base plates.

Unused space finally has a purpose: Attach and align pinnns vertically, diagonally or horizontally in any combination so that every unused square meter appears like a blessing at once. Whether wonderfully symmetrical or crazy criss-cross - just the way your little ones find it most beautiful.

If the pinnns ever get dusty or otherwise dirty (depending on the application) you can clean them very easily. And this is how:
  • Option 1: Vacuum Cleaner
The fastest way: Many suction tubes fit perfectly over the pinnns. So you don't need to twist them off from the base plate and save a lot of time.
  • Option 2: Hand Wash
Simply twist off the pinnns out of the base plate (here your kids will enjoy helping, for sure) and hand wash them like delicates.
  • Option 3: Washing Machine
Twist off all pinnns from the wall mount and put them in a washing bag. Then wash them in your machine's delicate washing program. (Note: Please do not put them in the dryer, but this is not necessary because the foam dries quickly in the air.)
The pinnns office wall organizer is quick to mount and assemble. Each of our systems for your office includes:

- double-sided adhesive strips
- screws & wall plugs

The choice is yours: glue or screw? Whatever suits you best.