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press release January, 9th 2023

pinnns - a start-up company from Ulm proves itself in "Genial gedacht?! Der Tüftlercheck" on VOX.

On 08.01.2023 at 7.10 p.m., the technical product designer Ihab and his invention pinnns, which is suitable for everyday use, could be seen on VOX in "Genial gedacht?! Der Tüftlercheck" and won 2nd place for his functional design in Bauhaus style, with which he had already won the Elevator Pitch in Ulm in 2018 and the German Design Award in 2019.

pinnns convinced the testers: "It's very easy to attach" was the first verdict. Jackets, bags, cleaning utensils, and hairdryers find their place in pinnns and the testers are convinced. Ihab's invention was much admired and praised.

But what is this pinnns anyway? It is a well thought-out wall organizer system consisting of a base plate with manually unscrewable foam holders that are available in different colors. The whole plate is attached with screws or adhesive strips.

On land, on water or in the air, pinnns conquers all areas of life and industries.

"You can use pinnns in any room, your car, office, boat or your workshop, because it always offers a smart solution to store things within reach and bring order to your life with little space and time."

Ihab is sure to see pinnns someday in space, on the space station and also there to store weightless items not only smartly but also safely.
"Genial gedacht?! Der Tüftlercheck" on VOX
pinnns in the practical test. How good are the pinnns when it comes to attaching and organizing?
"It's very easy to attach."
"It holds on absolutely secure."
"You're really convincing me. Eh wow!"
Ihab's invention earns great enthusiasm.

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Ihab Fleega
Contact me with all your questions about the pinnns invention.

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pinnns in the press - and on TV ;)

Startup competition "Start-up BW Elevator Pitch - Regional Cup Ulm": pinnns from Ulm wins first prize
startup bw
pinnns becomes German Design Award winner 2019
German Design Award
Ihab Fleega wins the Elevator Pitch with Pinnns
Southwest Press
Startup from Ulm starts with order system at Elevator Pitch
Southwest Press
pinnns at "Einfach Genial"
"Ihab Fleega from Ulm has developed a shelving system with so-called foam "pinnns". Wine bottles, work utensils or even larger items such as tools fit in flexibly."
pinnns at "Das Ding des Jahres"
"pinnns simply holds everything. For Ihab Fleega, tidiness is half the battle! His pinnns are a firm but flexible holder for almost everything. And they look good too - after all, they won the German Deisgn Award."

pinnns in the news

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