Universal Office Wall Mount

pinnns saves you time searching and gives your office supplies, charging cables, headphones and much more a better place to save space.
Get pinnns today as an organizer for your office wall!
pinnns ist ein praktisches Ordnungssystem für die Büro Wand.
Das Ordnungssystem fürs Büro von pinnns ist stylisch und praktisch.
Büromaterial Ordnungssysteme wie pinnns sparen Platz und Zeit bei gleichzeitig stylischem Look.

pinnns is an innovative design novetly for more order in the office

Keep your pens, glasses, notebooks, charging cables, tissues, tablets, mobile phones - any office items - within sight and easy reach.

How we use pinnns in the office

Pens, sponge, cleaner - everything in place.
Ordnungssysteme im Büro wie pinnns halten den Arbeitsplatz clean und dekorativ.
pinnns for your whiteboard
Charging cable, smartphone, headphones, hard drive - your desk is free and tidy.
Büromaterial Ordnungssysteme für die Wand wie pinnns sind ein echter Hingucker im Office.
pinnns for your equipment
Sockets and cables are well stowed on the wall - pinnns has everything under control
Wandordnungssystem für das Büro. pinnns macht auch dein Home Office noch schöner.
pinnns for sockets
Notebooks, pens, scissors, adhesive tape, gift ribbon are always at hand.
Bürobedarf Ordnungssystem mit funktionalem Design und leichter Monate.
pinnns for pencils
Creativity needs space. Openness and a stylish office also help - make it easy on yourself and let pinnns sort your office supplies.
pinnns ist ein Ordnungssystem für die Büro Wand, mit dem dein Arbeitsplatz immer clean bleibt.
pinnns for more style
Things you don't usually need in the office, things you only put away for a moment - remote control, glasses, mobile phone, keys. Now you can find them again.
Wandordnungssystem für dein Büro, mit dem du viel Platz und trotzdem alles griffbereit hast.
pinnns for putting stuff aside quickly
Office wall organizer system in a bundle!
Choose your pinnns wall organizer for the office wall now and clean your desk, home office or any other workspace - save up to 20% in the bundle!

pinnns - your practical organizer for the office wall

  • Experience functional design.
  • Keep everything safe, visible and within reach.
  • Create space and revitalize dead corners.
  • Save yourself annoying searching and a lot of time.
  • Protect sensitive items.

    Bring some pep into the office!

    When it comes to storing office supplies, cables or mobile phones, the interior is lined with dull cupboards, drawers and shelves. Even in hip companies, the office organizers often just plain boring.

    There's no escape:

    Disorder often continues in cupboards and drawers - quickly put away, out of sight, out of mind? Then you have to rummage around for what you need...

    Create order, save time and organize your office at the same time:
    Concentrate on what is really important. Create a working atmosphere or an environment that invites you to feel good. Simple and intuitive, pinnns clear your head and bring style and calm to your everyday office life.

    With our new office wall organizer, you can create a clean desk and still have everything you need for your daily work at hand. Just arranged in a space-saving and stylish way: on a wall or even under the table!

    Classic or Crazy?

    The smart design makes our pinnns a practical and decorative eye-catcher:

    You can easily turn each pinnn by hand from its plate and place it on another one as desired. If you're adding several wall organizer to your office, you can combine the colours wildly and create creative patterns with the pinnns.

    Compatible? Sure, colleague!

    Regardless of whether you have a square or an elongated base plate: if you want to arrange individual pinnns in a different colour, their identical holder will fit into any of your existing base plates.
    Tidying up has never been so stylish. pinnns is a cool design object and practical office filing system in one:

    - If you need a discreet, elegant and classic office filing system, the models with black foam pinnns are the stylish choice.
    - If it can be colourful and crazy at work or in the home office, choose the colourful versions.

    Unused space finally has a purpose: Horizontally, vertically or diagonally – attach and align your pinnns office wall organizer in a way that suits you so that every empty square meter suddenly seems like a blessing:

    Store cables, paperwork, notepads and more so you can always reach them. Save yourself endless searching in drawers and the likes.

    Stress-free tidying in the office:

    Nothing lies around, nothing gets in the way of dusting. With the pinnns office organizer, all items have their own place and are always within reach.

    When everything is neat and tidy, working is much more fun and efficient. And the boss won't complain when customers visit the office ;)
    The pinnns office wall organizer is quick to mount and assemble. Each of our systems for your office includes:

    - double-sided adhesive strips
    - screws & wall plugs

    The choice is yours: glue or screw? Whatever suits you best.
    If the pinnns ever get dusty or otherwise dirty (depending on the application) you can clean them very easily. And this is how:
    • Option 1: Vacuum Cleaner
    The fastest way: Many suction tubes fit perfectly over the pinnns. So you don't need to twist them off from the base plate and save a lot of time.
    • Option 2: Hand Wash
    Simply twist off the pinnns out of the base plate and hand wash them like delicates.
    • Option 3: Washing Machine
    Twist off all pinnns from the wall mount and put them in a washing bag. Then wash them in your machine's delicate washing program. (Note: Please do not put them in the dryer, but this is not necessary because the foam dries quickly in the air.)